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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whether or Not You Tweet, Having a Twitter Account Pays Dividends (especially if you're an avid sports fan like myself)

I know what you're thinking..."Twitter? Really?"

And the answer is a simple, yes. I have a twitter account (follow me at ), and I used it a couple of times a week. I don't do much tweeting myself, but I'd say probably about half of the celebrities and athletes regularly tweet. This means, yes, following athletes on twitter allows you to receive inside information first-hand.

Not only do I follow NFL superstars, but also TV personalities and sportswriters. In today's society, more and more major networks, such as ESPN, are using twitter to break news. Personally, I currently follow about 220 people, mostly athletes and sportswriters like I mentioned above.

I have only posted about 23 tweets, most of which I tweeted in order to advertise for this blog, and have just eight followers. Twitter allows me to get in the heads of millionaire athletes and see what it is they are up to on a regular basis, who doesn't love that?

So, if you're a huge sports fan and would like to get the inside scoop on players, coaches or be the first to read about breaking news, I advise you to sign up for a Twitter account and let the following begin!

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