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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 words: Haley vs. McDaniels

After Denver defeated AFC West rival Kansas City by thirty (49-29), head coach of the Chiefs Todd Haley refused to shake Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels' hand in the middle of the field. Haley, obviously disgusted with the way Denver played (probably felt McDaniels was running up the score on his Chiefs), shaked his finger at Josh and walked away.
Earlier today Haley did apologize to both McDaniels and the Broncos franchise, but that doesn't mean he is truly sorry for what he did. What do I think of the incident? I think Haley should try not to be such a baby and maybe try stopping this from happening by playing better defense. I mean, come one, 35 of those 49 points came in the first half.
This was not a case of "running up the score." Rather a case of a team really sticking it to their inter-division counterparts. Nothing dirty about scoring 35 first half points. Sorry, Mr. Haley.

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