Monday, June 24, 2013

The All-Out Blitz Now has its Own Domain Name!

Considering we haven't updated or posted this page in exactly two weeks, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let our regular readers know that we have moved The All-Out Blitz site.

We have branched off and now have our own domain name, and can be found at

It's been fully up and running for about a week and a half now, but I thought it would be a good idea to wait until there's a decent amount of content up before advertising the move of the site. There are still a few things we need to fix in terms of some formatting on our past articles (all 400+ articles from this site are up on our domain, just some of the formatting got messed up). But over the summer that should all be resolved and good to go.

Starting this summer The All-Out Blitz will be keeping much more up to date, and bring its readers more NFL coverage than ever!

After checking out the site, please do me a favor and sign up for our email list (on the right hand side of the home page) and, while you're at it, like our Facebook page and following our Twitter account (@AllOutBlitz1) and Tumblr page. My cousin, and freelance graphic designer, Julie Moores helped us with the website (including the design of the logo at the top of the new page), and did a very nice job with helping to get it up and running.

Once again, go over to the new site and check it out, and thank you so much for being so loyal since the start of the website in April of 2010. I look forward to bringing you coverage this summer and beyond! Your feedback is always appreciated!


Ben Heck
The All-Out Blitz

Monday, June 10, 2013

Patriots to Sign Tim Tebow: Is this the End of his Quarterbacking Days?

Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting that the New England Patriots are will sign former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, and that he will report to mini camp on Tuesday.

This is a very unexpected move, but it tells us one thing: Tebow has given up starting at quarterback and is ready to fully commit to contributing on the football field in other ways. Or at least so we'd think.

With future Hall of Famer Tom Brady still near the prime of his career, and the young 25-year old Ryan Mallett backing him up, Tebow would be at the very bottom of the quarterback depth chart. There isn't even a question as to whether or not he could compete during mini camp and training camp. He will not even be close to Brady or Mallett.
Which clearly means genius head coach Bill Belichick will utilize Tebow's 6'3"/240 pound frame and skill set in various other forms on the field. While I don't think Bill would ever take Brady off the field in order to run the wildcat formation, he still could see the field on offense in certain packages.

All NFL followers are well-aware of Belichick's love for tight ends, and Tebow has the size to play the position. He could also sit behind Aaron Hernandez as New England's H-back. Over the years, Bill has had plenty of secret weapons on third downs, including guys such as Danny Woodhead, Julian Edelman, Kevin Faulk and Hernandez coming out of the backfield. With Woodhead leaving for San Diego this off-season and Hernandez missing six games this past season due to injury, Tebow has the potential to turn into a short-yardage weapon for the Patriots if he develops his game in other areas this summer.

The Tebow signing sure is an intriguing one but if we learn anything from this, it's that Tebows NFL days are not over but his quarterbacking days may very well be. Lets just hope that New England is ready for the circus that comes with Timmy.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Atlanta's Roddy White Fires back after Seattle's Richard Sherman's "Top 100" Comments

Off-season? What off-season? We still may be three months away from the start of the 2013 regular season, but that doesn't mean the Richard Sherman trash-talking takes a break. No, he continues to take shots at opposing wide receivers.

Roddy White got in on the action when he made an appearance on NFL Network yesterday.

For the past couple of off-seasons, the Network has passed the time by putting together a Top 100 players list (which is supposedly voted on by the players themselves, but we have yet to see proof of that). Every day new players are brought on to discuss the list, and what they think of where these guys should be placed within the list of 100 players.

White, who just completed his sixth 1,000-yard season and is Matt Ryan's go-to target in Atlanta, came in at No. 39. Surprisingly low, if you ask me. There are still seven wide receivers left on the list, and White should be at least top five within his position. With the up-and-coming speedster Julio Jones receiving a lot of attention lately, White is left with the scraps and had a down-season––in the eyes of some––last year. Yet the four-time Pro Bowler still caught 92 passes for 1,351 yards and 7 TDs.

In a taped segment that aired during the most recent episode of the "Top 100 Players of 2013," Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks' All-Pro cornerback, said that White "doesn't even deserve a place on the list."
Yes, he actually said that with a straight face. The lengthy 6'3"/195 pound corner has certainly enjoyed his time in the spotlight, which he's spent running his mouth. Don't get me wrong, he's a great corner and probably top three in the game today (at his position). But didn't he just finish only his second season in the league? He hasn't earned the right to talk the way he does yet, and the White/Jones combo ran circles around him in the NFC Divisional round victory.

I am thoroughly enjoying the back-and-forth jawing between the two, because it surely gives us great entertainment when there aren't games to be played yet. But White owned Sherman in this debacle. When asked on NFLN about what Sherman said, White had the perfect response:

"I'm not going to come out and say he shouldn't be a Top 100 player because he should be a Top 100 player, but he talks too much."

Not only did he take a stance and be the bigger man, but he even added a little jab of his own afterwards, saying:

"He has talked himself into a place where he has to play some really good football this year. I have no problem when he says I'm not that good or I can't do this or I can't do that. But I know the rest of the players in this league know what I can do, and that's why I'm higher on this list than he is."

Rant over.

Checkmate, Richard Sherman. Roddy White wins again. Anyone remember this (see video below)?

Lets see if Sherman comes back with another response after White's zinger on NFLN. It almost feels like the two are in mid-season form, doesn't it?

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