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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Terrell Owens is slowly, but surely, stealing Ochocinco's spotlight

Yes, his convincing efforts in tonight's six-point loss to the 6-2 Steelers turned out to be all for nothing, but Terrell Owens' 10 receptions for 141 yards and two touchdowns has surely caught the attention of the general public.

Not only did Owens' first touchdown of the night put the Bengals back in the game, but it also just so happened to be his 150th career touchdown reception, making him just the third player to reach such a milestone (joining the likes of Jerry Rice and Randy Moss).
His second of two touchdowns, again, gave the Bengals offense some confidence and allowed them to make a great attempt at a comeback. But, by the fourth quarter there was some tension not only on the sidelines, but on the field between two certain players.

Those two players, not surprisingly (to me anyways), happened to be a quarterback and a wide receiver. A frustrated Chad Ochocinco, who caught just one pass for 15 yards all game, lashed out against Palmer--in the middle of the field in between plays, of all places! This was quite an embarrassment for Cincinnati fans, if you ask me. Palmer, who targeted Chad seven times throughout the game, had overthrown him, which did not make Ocho a happy camper.

To make matters worse, Ocho's good buddy, the guy Chad lobbied to bring in to Cincinnati, stole the spotlight as he was targeted an astonishing 14 times during the game.

So, while Chad attracts all the defenders and negative attention, Terrell gets all the touches and touchdowns. Hmmm, for some reason this looks a bit familiar. I knew this wouldn't last forever. It seems as though the Palmer/Ochocinco/T.O. trio could have it's days numbered already.

If there's one thing fans have picked up on by now, it's that Chad doesn't let go of things very often, so if Cincinnati continues to struggle, I don't expect this problem to go away anytime soon. Get ready for more drama in Cincinnati, people!

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Owens/Ocho: AP Photo/David Kohl

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