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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tired of "Fans" Hating on Tom Brady

This is one of my pet peeves when it comes to all of these so-called NFL fans. Calling him offensive names is not going to change the fact that he will go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks in league history.

The 33-year old has three Super Bowl championships, two Super Bowl MVP awards, a league MVP award (2007), five Pro Bowl selections, etc., etc., etc.
Yes, ok, I agree he is a bit of a pretty boy. And, yes, at times it may seem that the league is overly protective. But, with his top-tier offensive line he is able to pick apart defenses like it's his job--oh wait, it is his job, isn't it? And he does his job better than anyone else out there. After watching him tear apart Pittsburgh's hard-hitting defense last night, putting up 39 against the league's leader in points allowed per game, I'm convinced that Brady isn't going away anytime soon.

Much like Indianapolis' three-time MVP quarterback Peyton Manning, I really don't think it matters who Brady's weapons are. In fact, just twice in Brady's 11 seasons have the Pats ranked in the top 10 in rushing. Could be the result of Belichick trusting Brady with the ball in his hands, and the team's pas-to-run ratio. But nonetheless, Brady turns decent receivers in to great receivers, and Belichick's calm coaching style complements Brady well.

Hate the pretty boy all you want, but if you're a fan of football, the passing game in particular, you should appreciate Brady's approach and his passion for the game of football. Stop hating just because he knows how to win games and doesn't buckle under pressure. Please and thank you.

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Tom Brady: Joe Robbins/NFL

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