Last season I just posted all of my week-to-week game picks as a post. But for the 2012 regular season I've made the decision to put all of my weekly picks in one place, so I created a separate page for them..

(!)=correct pick
(X)=incorrect pick

Week 1 (9-7)

Wednesday September 5
Giants over Cowboys (X)

Sunday September 9
Bears over Colts (!)
Eagles over Browns (!)
Patriots over Titans (!)
Falcons over Chiefs (!)
Vikings over Jaguars (!)
Saints over Skins (X)
Bills over Jets (X)
Lions over Rams (!)
Texans over Dolphins (!)
Packers over Niners (X)
Panthers over Bucs (X)
Seahawks over Cardinals (X)
Steelers over Broncos (X)

Monday September 10
Ravens over Bengals (!)
Chargers over Raiders (!)

No byes

Week 2 (7-9)

Thursday September 13
Packers over Bears (!)

Sunday September 16
Chiefs over Bills (X)
Panthers over Saints (!)
Bengals over Browns (!)
Vikings over Colts (X)
Texans over Jaguars (!)
Raiders over Dolphins (X)
Patriots over Cardinals (X)
Giants over Bucs (!)
Ravens over Eagles (X)
Cowboys over Seahawks (X)
Skins over Rams (X)
Steelers over Jets (!)
Titans over Chargers (X)
Niners over Lions (!)

Monday September 17
Broncos over Falcons (X)

No byes

Week 3 (5-11)

Thursday September 20
Panthers over Giants (X)

Sunday September 23
Bears over Rams (!)
Bills over Browns (!)
Bucs over Cowboys (X)
Colts over Jaguars (X)
Dolphins over Jets (X)
Niners over Vikings (X)
Saints over Chiefs (X)
Lions over Titans (X)
Skins over Bengals (X)
Eagles over Cardinals (X)
Falcons over Chargers (!)
Texans over Broncos (!)
Steelers over Raiders (X)
Ravens over Patriots (!)

Monday September 24
Packers over Seahawks (X)

No byes

Week 4 (11-4)

Thursday September 27
Ravens over Browns (!)

Sunday September 30
Falcons over Panthers (!)
Patriots over Bills (!)
Vikings over Lions (!)
Chiefs over Chargers (X)
Seahawks over Rams (X)
Niners over Jets (!)
Texans over Titans (!)
Raiders over Broncos (X)
Cardinals over Dolphins (!)
Bengals over Jaguars (!)
Packers over Saints (!)
Skins over Bucs (!)
Giants over Eagles (X)

Monday October 1
Bears over Cowboys (!)

Bye: Steelers, Colts

Week 5 (9-5)

Thursday October 4
Cardinals over Rams (X)

Sunday October 7
Bengals over Dolphins (X)
Packers over Colts (X)
Ravens over Chiefs (!)
Giants over Browns (!)
Steelers over Eagles (!)
Falcons over Skins (!)
Panthers over Seahawks (X)
Bears over Jaguars (!)
Vikings over Titans (!)
Patriots over Broncos (!)
Niners over Bills (!)
Chargers over Saints (X)

Monday October 8
Texans over Jets (!)

Bye: Cowboys, Lions, Raiders, Bucs

Week 6 (5-9)

Thursday October 11
Steelers over Titans (X)

Sunday October 14
Falcons over Raiders (!)
Bengals over Browns (X)
Rams over Dolphins (X)
Colts over Jets (X)
Lions over Eagles (!)
Bucs over Chiefs (!)
Ravens over Cowboys (!)
Cards over Bills (X)
Patriots over Seahawks (X)
Niners over Giants (X)
Vikes over Skins (X)
Texans over Packers (X)

Monday October 15
Broncos over Chargers (!)

Bye: Bears, Saints, Panthers, Jags

Week 7 (13-0)

Thursday October 18
Niners over Seahawks (!)

Sunday October 21
Titans over Bills (!)
Cowboys over Panthers (!)
Texans over Ravens (!)
Colts over Browns (!)
Vikings over Cardinals (!)
Giants over Skins (!)
Packers over Rams (!)
Saints over Bucs (!)
Patriots over Jets (!)
Raiders over Jaguars (!)
Steelers over Bengals (!)

Monday October 22
Bears over Lions (!)

Bye: Falcons, Broncos, Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, Chargers

Week 8 (10-4)

Thursday October 25
Vikes over Bucs (X)

Sunday October 28
Bears over Panthers (!)
Chargers over Browns (X)
Steelers over Skins (!)
Seahawks over Lions (X)
Packers over Jags (!)
Titans over Colts (X)
Patriots over Rams (!)
Dolphins over Jets (!)
Falcons over Eagles (!)
Raiders over Chiefs (!)
Giants over Cowboys (!)
Broncos over Saints (!)

Monday October 29
Niners over Cards (!)

Bye: Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Texans

Week 9 (10-4)

Thursday November 1
Chargers over Chiefs (!)

Sunday November 4
Broncos over Bengals (!)
Ravens over Browns (!)
Packers over Cardinals (!)
Bears over Titans (!)
Dolphins over Colts (X)
Skins over Panthers (X)
Lions over Jaguars (!)
Texans over Bills (!)
Vikings over Seahawks (X)
Bucs over Raiders (!)
Giants over Steelers (X)
Falcons over Cowboys (!)

Monday November 5
Saints over Eagles (!)

Bye: Rams, Patriots, Jets, Niners

Week 10 (12-2)

Thursday November 8
Colts over Jaguars (!)

Sunday November 11
Ravens over Raiders (!)
Broncos over Panthers (!)
Giants over Bengals (X)
Titans over Dolphins (!)
Vikings over Lions (!)
Pats over Bills (!)
Saints over Falcons (!)
Bucs over Chargers (!)
Seahawks over Jets (!)
Cowboys over Eagles (!)
Niners over Rams (X)--tie
Texans over Bears (!)

Monday November 12
Steelers over Chiefs (!)

Bye: Browns, Redskins, Packers, Cardinals

Week 11 (10-4)

Thursday November 15
Dolphins over Bills (X)

Sunday November 18
Falcons over Cardinals (!)
Panthers over Bucs (X)
Cowboys over Browns (!)
Packers over Lions (!)
Texans over Jaguars (!)
Bengals over Chiefs (!)
Rams over Jets (X)
Skins over Eagles (!)
Saints over Raiders (!)
Broncos over Chargers (!)
Patriots over Colts (!)
Ravens over Steelers (!)

Monday November 19
Bears over Niners (X)

Bye: Vikings, Giants, Seahawks, Titans

Week 12 (11-5)

Thursday November 22--THANKSGIVING
Texans over Lions (!)
Skins over Cowboys (!)
Patriots over Jets (!)

Sunday November 25
Vikings over Bears (X)
Bengals over Raiders (!)
Steelers over Browns (X)
Colts over Bills (!)
Jaguars over Titans (!)
Broncos over Chiefs (!)
Seahawks over Dolphins (X)
Bucs over Falcons (X)
Ravens over Chargers (!)
Niners over Saints (!)
Rams over Cardinals (!)
Packers over Giants (X)

Monday November 26
Panthers over Eagles (!)

No byes

Week 13 (8-8)

Thursday November 29
Saints over Falcons (X)

Sunday December 2
Jaguars over Bills (X)
Bears over Seahawks (X)
Colts over Lions (!)
Packers over Vikings (!)
Panthers over Chiefs (X)
Patriots over Dolphins (!)
Cardinals over Jets (X)
Niners over Rams (X)
Texans over Titans (!)
Broncos over Bucs (!)
Ravens over Steelers (X)
Browns over Raiders (!)
Bengals over Chargers (!)
Cowboys over Eagles (!)

Monday December 3
Giants over Skins (X)

No byes

Week 14 (7-9)

Thursday December 6
Broncos over Raiders (!)

Sunday December 9
Rams over Bills (!)
Falcons over Panthers (X)
Bengals over Cowboys (X)
Chiefs over Browns (X)
Colts over Titans (!)
Jaguars over Jets (X)
Bears over Vikings (X)
Steelers over Chargers (X)
Bucs over Eagles (X)
Redskins over Ravens (!)
Niners over Dolphins (!)
Saints over Giants (X)
Seahawks over Cards (!)
Packers over Lions (!)

Monday December 10
Texans over Patriots (X)

No byes

Week 15 (9-7)

Thursday December 13
Bengals over Eagles (!)

Sunday December 16
Falcons over Giants (!)
Broncos over Ravens (!)
Packers over Bears (!)
Skins over Browns (!)
Colts over Texans (X)
Jaguars over Dolphins (X)
Saints over Bucs (!)
Vikings over Rams (!)
Lions over Cards (X)
Seahawks over Bills (!)
Chargers over Panthers (X)
Steelers over Cowboys (X)
Raiders over Chiefs (!)
Patriots over Niners (X)

Monday December 17
Jets over Titans (X)

No byes

Week 16 (12-4)

Saturday December 22
Falcons over Lions (!)

Sunday December 23
Panthers over Raiders (!)
Dolphins over Bills (!)
Steelers over Bengals (X)
Patriots over Jaguars (!)
Colts over Chiefs (!)
Cowboys over Saints (X)
Skins over Eagles (!)
Bucs over Rams (X)
Chargers over Jets (!)
Packers over Titans (!)
Vikings over Texans (!)
Broncos over Browns (!)
Bears over Cardinals (!)
Ravens over Giants (!)
Niners over Seahawks (X)

No byes

Week 17 (12-4)

Sunday December 30
Falcons over Bucs (X)
Bills over Jets (!)
Bengals over Ravens (!)
Steelers over Browns (!)
Bears over Lions (!)
Jaguars over Titans (X)
Eagles over Giants (X)
Saints over Panthers (X)
Colts over Texans (!)
Vikings over Packers (!)
Seahawks over Rams (!)
Patriots over Dolphins (!)
Broncos over Chiefs (!)
Chargers over Raiders (!)
Niners over Cardinals (!)
Skins over Cowboys (!)

No byes

Wild Card Weekend

Saturday January 5
Texans over Bengals (!)
Packers over Vikings (!)

Sunday January 6
Ravens over Colts (!)
Seahawks over Skins (!)

Divisional Weekend

Saturday January 12
Broncos over Ravens (X)
Packers over Niners (X)

Sunday January 13
Seahawks over Falcons (X)
Patriots over Texans (!)

Conference Championship Weekend

Sunday January 20
Niners over Falcons (!)
Ravens over Patriots (!)

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday February 3 (in New Orleans, 6:30 p.m. ET)
Ravens over Niners (!)

Regular Season record: 160-96
Postseason Record: 8-3

2012-13 Total: 168-99 (.629)

Overall, it was a rough start to the season. In the first six weeks, we went 46-45 in weekly picks. But, from Weeks 7-12 of the 2012 season, we combined for a record of 66-19 and improved to 112-64 on the year. We finished it up with an 8-3 postseason record, all three losses coming in the same weekend (1-4 Divisional round record).

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