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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 17: Head Coaches Who Could be Facing "Black Monday" Firings

With today being the final game of the season for over half of the teams in the National Football League, it's natural that some of the head coaches will be fired tomorrow...A.K.A. "Black Monday."

A couple of teams are in dire need of change, and finding a new head coach is step No. 1 in the rebuilding process. A couple additional teams are on the fence, and may or may not decide to fire its coach.

I'm a firm believer in that success at the professional level is not going to happen overnight, and guys who had rough years in their first season at the helm of a rebuilding team do not deserve to be canned. As a result, there is a list of guys who could be fired after today, but who I believe should be given another season or two to prove they can lead the team to postseason contention.

Rex Ryan, NYJ

There has been so many negative headlines swirling around the New York Jets in the media and, at 6-9 (possibly 6-10 after today), the Jets need major changes. I probably would have fired Rex after all the issues within the locker room last season. Ending 2011 on a three-game losing streak and missing the playoffs at 8-8, the Jets have been underperforming and need to wipe the slate clean.

Ryan got the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championships in 2009 and '10, but his Jets have gone 14-17 since then. Time to go, Rex!

Andy Reid, PHI

Philly fans have been calling for this firing for a couple of seasons now, and I think it's about time for change within the Eagles locker room as well. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles has shown us that he's the future of Philadelphia, and if the Eagles are going to deal Vick and keep Foles for next season, starting with a fresh head coach would be a smart move as well.

Reid has had a great 14 seasons at the helm for Philly, winning six division titles, making five NFC Championship appearances, one Super Bowl appearance and posting a 140-101-1 overall record (regular and postseason). But it appears he may have worn out his welcome after two straight disappointing seasons.

Pat Shurmur, CLE

Pat only makes this list because there have been numerous reports lingering that say Cleveland plans to fire both Shurmur and the General Manager Tom Heckert will be let go as early as Monday. Shurmur seems to be aware of the situation and his Browns are giving everything they have against Pittsburgh.

In his second season as coach, Shurmur has combined to go 9-22 and the front office appears to be preparing to start their search for a franchise QB over once again despite drafting rookie Brandon Weeden in the first round this past April.

Norv Turner, SD

Much like Shurmur, there have been rumors of the firing of Turner and GM A.J. Smith following the season. But unlike the Browns situation, these rumors have been spread throughout the season not just this weekend. Turner, the head of the Chargers since 2007, has missed the playoffs three consecutive seasons and has struggled to even win in the postseason (3-3).
On the Hot Seat

Chan Gailey, BUF

Gailey's future in Buffalo isn't looking good after three losing seasons and a 15-32 record (not including today).

Jason Garrett, DAL

If Dallas loses tonight and misses the playoffs for a third consecutive season under Garrett, Jerry Jones may decide to go a different direction.

Ken Whisenhunt, ARI

Just one winning season since representing the NFC in the Super Bowl in 2008 has landed Whisenhunt on the hot seat.

Jim Schwartz, DET

Never thought I'd be putting Schwartz on the hot seat after his Lions made a surprise appearance in the NFC playoffs last season.
Needs More Time

*Mike Mularkey, JAC: 2-13 after first season as coach of Jaguars.
*Romeo Crennel, KC: 2-13 this season, 4-14 overall as KC's coach, but injuries have destroyed any hope for his Chiefs.
*Ron Rivera, CAR: Cam Newton's maturity has a direct effect on Rivera's future in Carolina.
*Mike Munchak, TEN: Disappointing turnout in Tennessee, but it's just the Hall of Famer's first campaign at the helm for the Titans.

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