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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 4 already? Preview and Game Picks for the Weekend

Can you believe it's already been almost a month in to the season? I know I can't. Seems like just yesterday Cam Newton was being introduced as Carolina's permanent signal caller for the 2011 campaign.

Three games, over 1,000 passing yards and four touchdowns later Newton has hushed a few of his critics and opened many more eyes as the starter.

But, if he wants to prove all of his critics wrong he's still got a ways to go.

Yes, he did throw for over 400 yards in his first two professional games for the first time in rookie history. But he has also garnered the team just one win in three tries. A majority of the blame falls on the lack of consistency from his supporting cast, not to mention the injury problems they have faced early on. Either way, Newton needs to find a way to rally his team together and win some games.

I would love to see him shut all of his critics up this season.

Newton faces a tough task this weekend in Brian Urlacher and his Chicago Bears defense. Here are my game picks and thoughts about this game, and the other 15 match-ups on Sunday and Monday:

Bears over Panthers
*Despite all that I said about Newton looking good (above), Chicago's defense is just too much for him to handle at the moment. With Urlacher lurking in the defensive backfield, it will be tough to get anything going in the pass game.

Bills over Bengals
*I think Buffalo's first loss will have to wait until next week against the Eagles. For now, I don't think the distracted Bengals will be able to manage the upset.
Browns over Titans
*I'm still on Colt McCoy's bandwagon and I don't think I will jump off it until he disproves me at the end of the season. For now, I think he's more than just a game manager, and has the ability to create the big play needed to win games.

Lions over Cowboys
*Lets face it, despite the victory over the then-undefeated Skins last Monday night, Romo's offense looked out of rhythm and sputtered at times. With the Stafford to Calvin Johnson connection as strong as ever, I really don't think Romo will be able to keep up.

Steelers over Texans
*It appeared as if the Steeler defense of '08 came back out toward the end of the game last week, finally forcing a turnover (and turning it in to six points). With questions surrounding the backfield, Ben should have just enough offense to squeak by.

Saints over Jaguars
*After seeing a career-worst from quarterback Luke McCown a couple of weeks ago, I think it's safe to say Jacksonville has already pushed the panic button and put its hopes in rookie Blaine Gabbert.

Vikings over Chiefs
*Minnesota has been known to play a stellar first half of ball this season, and I think they can finish off the Jamaal Charles-less Chiefs in just 30 minutes of play.

Eagles over Niners
*Vick says he's 100% playing, and with that I think it should already give Philly the victory. The only player on San Francisco's defense capable of stopping him is linebacker Patrick Willis, and he's just one guy.

Skins over Rams
*Sam Bradford was torn apart by Baltimore last week, and is still suffering. Just imagine what will happen to a banged up Bradford against Brian Orakpo, Adam Carriker and Ryan Kerrigan. Bad things.

Giants over Cardinals
*I am still not convinced of the Kevin Kolb experience, and New York is now riding a two-game win streak. Look out, Arizona secondary, Victor Cruz is coming for you.

Falcons over Seahawks
*Matt Ryan's defending NFC South champion Falcons (1-2) are off to a slow start, but what better way to bounce back then to play Seattle?
Packers over Broncos
*Aaron Rodgers has picked up right where he left off last season, and is currently leading the league in QB rating (120.9). No one else is really even that close right now.

Patriots over Raiders
*New England was stunned by Buffalo last week as Darren McFadden led the Raiders to an upset victory over the Jets. So New England is certainly on upset watch, but I'm not so sure they'll be able to pull it off this week.

Chargers over Dolphins
*If the Chargers expect to make a run, they'll need to win games before they hit the month of December (SD, year-in-and-year-out, plays their best ball in December).

Ravens over Jets
*This match-up is always a great one to watch, mainly because Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes to spout off at the mouth. But also because both teams have great defenses and like to showcase that. Flacco, though, has the edge over Mark Sanchez in this one, and I would take Baltimore's defense over New York's any day.

Monday Night Football:

Bucs over Colts
*When will Indy's first win come? Without Manning, do you think it's possible they could go winless this season? Oh my.

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