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Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to focus on football...

The prolonged NBA Finals are officially over with after Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki and his Mavericks finished off Miami's "Big 3" with three consecutive victories.

The MJ/LeBron comparisons will likely continue until James wins at least one, unfortunately, because fans and ESPN analysts love to continuously beat the dead horse.

I understand that this is a football-oriented blog, but I would just like to point out that I, Ben Heck, am one of the very few people out there that does not hate LeBron, and would actually like to see him win a couple of rings in his career.

What I would like to see happen (there's about a 98.8% chance it will never actually happen) is for people to stop comparing James to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Let LeBron be LeBron, please. Oh, and congrats to the Mavericks. Owner Mark Cuban and veterans Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki finally got the ring they have been trying to get for years.
Now that that's over with, can we please get on with the NFL?

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals will be over in a few days, meaning on baseball is in the way of 24/7 football coverage--unless you tune in to NFL Network on a daily basis.

Luckily for football fanatics, rumor has it that a new CBA deal could be reached as early as two weeks. I was listening to the 24/7 NFL radio channel on SiriusXM on Saturday, and there's a strong chance it could be done no later than mid-to end of July. Cross your fingers, though.

This is usually the time of year where us fans start to take a look at the off-season moves that were/are being made, and attempt to project how each team will fare in the upcoming season. Unfortunately for us, the lockout is preventing any potential moves to happen.

Rather, we are stuck watching the NFL Network's Top 100 players for 2011 and debating where each player should be like it's our job.
For several days now I have been getting online only to waste a lot of time looking up highlight videos on youtube and watching NFL shows on Hulu (if you miss football as much as I do, I advise you to do this too, it really helps fight the addiction).

The good news here? The owners and players alike are starting to get antsy. This could only mean one thing for the NFL: a deal will be made soon in order to start the season on time.

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