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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Legacy of Terrell Owens

Yesterday's news of Terrell Owens' surgery to repair a torn ACL brings about questions of whether or not Owens has much left in the tank.

It was revealed earlier today that the surgery had actually taken place back in April and that he is already a couple of months in to recovery. Also today, his agent Drew Rosenhaus stated "the retirement talk is nonsense. There's been no discussion about that, and this injury is not a big deal" according to an Associated Press report.

Well, I highly doubt that knee surgery for a 37-year old NFL wide receiver can easily be considered "no dig deal." Especially when it comes to game-action.
But, nevertheless, Rosenhaus continues to talk Owens up and say he "will be playing at the start of the season." Two of Owen's former Bengal teammates have also said he plans to return, according to this same AP report from earlier this afternoon.

I am not claiming that I don't believe Owens will return for 2011, because if anything I am about 95 percent sure he will suit up in '11. What I am claiming, however, is that it would be a smart move for Owens to retire now, while he's ahead.

With the labor negotiations in full swing, and the 2011 season still up in the air, why not call it quits now? His best chance at a ring was with the Eagles, and there aren't too many teams left that would be willing to give T.O. a shot, let alone a contender.

Owens has always been all about individual accomplishments, and aside from winning a Super Bowl, he has already done his part in reaching the ultimate individual goal in the National Football League: The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Owens' legacy will always be known as self-centered and spoiled, but there's no doubt that 1,000+ receptions, 15,000+ yards and 153 touchdowns later T.O. has put himself among legends.
Five years after retirement from the game--no matter when that happens to be--Owens will be placed alongside names such as Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, Lance Alworth etc. in Canton, OH.

Terrell Owens' career was full of ups and downs, whether it be his feuds with former quarterbacks Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, or his numerous flamboyant touchdown celebrations. You can call him the ultimate scumbag of the NFL, but no matter what you think of his character on-and-off the field, he came out of the tunnel every Sunday afternoon and produced.

The fact that he never won a ring is obviously not all his fault--football is the ultimate team game. No one player can make that great a difference, whether it be positive or negative.

What I would like to think about when I think of Terrell Owens, is how gifted he was. Not that he never won it all, or that he demanded attention from his peers and fans, or that he caused a ruckus in the locker room.

Only the extraordinarily gifted professional football players get inducted in to Canton. And that is exactly what Terrell Owens was. An extraordinarily gifted wide receiver.

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