Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Should Philadelphia Pursue Plaxico Burress??

Former Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was recently released from prison after serving approximately two years of jail time for a gun charge.

Personally, I hate how much attention this story has gotten, and by writing this article I am only adding more fuel to the fire and helping to continue my frustration in the overly talked about Burress. But, the truth of the matter is that the 33-year old Super Bowl champion could be the difference between a borderline playoff team and a Super Bowl contender.

There are teams out there that are a few moves away from being in serious contention for a title. The first team that comes to mind is the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has a very young offense, but if they get what they are expecting from their potential franchise quarterback (Colt McCoy) and can get targets such as Burress to add to McCoy's arsenal, who knows what will happen in Cleveland.
Although Cleveland seems to be a long-shot for Burress in 2011.

Footage of Burress being released last Monday (and being attacked by agent Drew Rosenhaus) shows Plaxico sporting a Philadelphia Phillies hat. Could this be a hint towards him wanting to join the Eagles? I certainly believe it could factor in.

Plus Eagles star quarterback Michael Vick has already shown interest in the 6'5'' wideout. Vick could help in mentoring Plax and aid in his rebound from the jail sentence. I mean, come on, Vick has already done a very good job in repairing his image, for the most part.

With former Indianapolis Colts' head coach, and Super Bowl champion, Tony Dungy mentoring Plax, it looks like he is already well on his way to recovering from his mistake and moving on with his life.

The Eagles sure could use another player such as Burress to complement play-making youngster DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. All Burress really needs to do is run routes and catch the ball, so I really don't think the idea of him being 'out of shape' would prevent the Eagles from pursuing Burress.

I say Philadelphia pulls the trigger and adds Burress once the lockout is lifted.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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