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Saturday, October 30, 2010

If the Playoffs Began Today...

We are approaching the halfway mark in the 2010 regular season, which means one thing is on everyone's mind: the playoffs.

Around this time each season is when the games start meaning more and more with each passing week. If the regular season was to end right now today, who would be in, who would be out and who has enough momentum to ride it all the way to the Super Bowl victory?

AFC Seedings

1. Jets-AFC East: 5-1
2. Steelers-AFC North: 5-1
3. Titans-AFC South: 5-2
4. Chiefs-AFC West: 4-2
5. Patriots-AFC East: 5-1
6. Ravens-AFC North: 5-2

NFC Seedings

1. Giants-NFC East: 5-2
2. Falcons-NFC South: 5-2
3. Seahawks-NFC West: 4-2
4. Bears-NFC North: 4-3
5. Buccaneers-NFC South: 4-2
6. Redskins-NFC East: 4-3
Wild Card Weekend:

*Titans over Ravens...Ah, classic playoff matchup between Tennessee and Baltimore. Only this time Tennessee will be getting the last laugh.
*Patriots over Chiefs...Kansas City has had a nice run, but the Patriots are on a hot streak right now, no way Matt Cassel could knock off Brady.

*Redskins over Seahawks...With a couple of impressive victories over teams such as Philadelphia, Dallas and Green Bay, the Skins season thus far has been rather surprising so far.
*Bears over Buccaneers...As long as Chicago can protect Cutler and he can limit any and all mistakes, Chicago's defense shouldn't have much trouble containing Josh Freeman.
Divisional Round:

*Jets over Patriots...They meet again. Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belichick. Always an even battle nowadays. But with Sanchez showing much improvement and the return of Revis (plus the loss of Moss for New England) leads me to believe New York is the better team right now.
*Titans over Steelers...If Chris Johnson picks his game up there's no way they don't redeem themselves against Pittsburgh considering how much the Titans have improved over the course of the season.

*Giants over Redskins...Familiar situation for McNabb, but just like all his years in Philly, he will be taking an early exit against Eli's G-Men.
*Falcons over Bears...The Matt Ryan-Roddy White combination should be enough to crush this Chicago pass defense, despite allowing just four passing touchdowns so far this season.
Conference Championship:

*Jets over Titans...With a balanced offensive attack and a solid defense capable of making the Titans one dimensional, New York will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

*Falcons over Giants...Another game, another shootout. Manning has the experience, but I give Ryan the edge when it comes to intangibles. Falcons return to the Super Bowl for the first time since falling to Denver back in 1998.
Super Bowl Sunday:

Jets over Falcons

Seems a bit unlikely, but hey, the Jets are on fire right now and with Mark Sanchez looking like a whole new player this season, and a rejuvenated Ladainian Tomlinson in the backfield, the sky looks to be the limit in New York. If Rex Ryan's defense can battle through the injuries then this surely looks possible at the point. MVP: Mark Sanchez

Photo Credits
Michael Griffin: AP Photo/Frederick Breedon
Eli Manning: AP Photo/Dave Einsel
Tony Gonzalez: AP Photo/Bill Haber
Braylon Edwards: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

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