Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game-Day Breaking News

Just over half an hour until the first slate of games begin, meaning news of who is starting and who will be sitting out today continues to come our way. Here's just a few game day headlines that have surfaced.

*Ed Reed to make first start of season for Baltimore (against Buffalo). Baltimore's 24th ranked passing defense could really use a boost from the ball-hawking Reed. Maybe not against Buffalo, but certainly for the remainder of the season.
*Michael Vick has been listed as the third quarterback by the Eagles for today's game against the Titans. Rather than being Kevin Kolb's backup, Philadelphia has rookie Mike Kafka as second string. Not real sure why Philadelphia would do this, but apparently they are trying to make a statement to someone, or something.

*Darren Sharper, New Orleans' safety, has also been activated for today's game and will be making his first appearance of the season, much like Baltimore's Reed. And again, much like Baltimore the Saints' 20th-ranked passing defense could use Sharper in the lineup and the difference will be very noticeable right off the bat.

*Kenny Britt will not start, but will likely still get a chance to play today against the Eagles after allegedly being involved in a bar fight earlier this week. Considering how productive he's been over the last few weeks I am sure he'll still see plenty of playing time.

*Falcons' corner Dunta Robinson will miss today's game against the Bengals after his helmet-to-helmet collision with DeSean Jackson last week left him with a concussion.

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