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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Five Most Exciting Matchups in Football

For an NFL fan, every matchup is fun to watch, and has its own storylines.

But at the same time, certain matchups stick out, and are usually a must-see for every fan.

While many key showdowns involve division rivals, there may also be one or two contests where both teams play each other like it's the Super Bowl.

So here we go, my list of the most exciting/intriguing NFL matchups to watch.

Note: This list is not based on the 2010 regular season schedule, so these teams may or may not be playing each other this year.

Honorable Mentions

Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys
Classic rivalry between "the Cowboys and Indians". The two teams have met 100 times, and Dallas has scored over 2,000 regular season points against its division rivals.

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
Nothing like a December clash between these two teams. Doesn't even matter who's home, both teams have great stadiums (Lambeau Field and Soldier Field), which more often than not are covered with snow.

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers
San Diego owns Indy over the last five games, which includes two postseason victories. Good to know someone has a secret for beating Peyton.

5. New England Patriots (AFC East) vs. New York Jets (AFC East)
New York leads RS 50-48-1
New England leads PS 2-0

The Spygate scandal in 2007 and the mini feud between coach Bill Belichick and former Jets head coach Eric Mangini (former assistant under Belichick) seems to have ignited some flames.

Since then, it seems the two teams, who are division rivals to begin with, have played each other with even more motivation.

Rex Ryan's big mouth may make this rivalry even more intriguing this season.

The tables have turned in the division and this season, we may see New York in the attic and New England in the cellar.

How juicy.

4. Minnesota Vikings (NFC North) vs. Green Bay Packers (NFC North)
Green Bay leads RS 49-47-1
Minnesota leads PS 1-0

Whether Brett Favre returns as a Viking or not, this will be just as exciting to watch come Fall, considering both teams are playoff contenders.

Personally, I think Green Bay is a little better off than Minnesota at this point. The Packers haven't faced offseason issues like Minnesota has.

Coach Mike McCarthy has kept his team a bit more focused, and they are no doubt hungry to return to the playoffs after falling to Arizona in overtime last year.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East) vs. Dallas Cowboys (NFC East)
Dallas leads RS 55-43
Dallas leads PS 3-1

Before last season, the series had usually been pretty even (between 2005 and 2008 each team won four games). But Dallas swept Philly in 2009.

Not only did they outscore the Eagles 44-16 in the two regular season matchups, but they also blew them out in the first round of the playoffs, 34-14.

After hearing all that, you know Andy Reid's Eagles will seek revenge on Dallas this season.

With a new signal caller under center for the Eagles, this rivalry could get just a bit more interesting. Stay tuned, folks.

2. Indianapolis Colts (AFC South) vs. New England Patriots (AFC East)
New England leads RS 42-28
New England leads PS 2-1

This is the only non-division rivalry on my Top Five, but for good reason.

From 1998 (the year Peyton Manning came into the league) to 2004, New England dominated Indy, going 10-2 against them, with two of those victories coming in the playoffs.

Since then, Manning and the Colts have turned the tables on Brady, going 5-1, including a playoff win that led to Manning's lone Super Bowl Championship in '06.

Fortunately for us, we get to see the two face off once again this season, despite being in different divisions. In fact, the game is in November at Gillette Stadium.

Lucky us, we may even get to see a snowy, defensive struggle for a change.
1. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North)
Pittsburgh leads RS 17-11
Pittsburgh leads PS 2-0

Baltimore and Pittsburgh is clearly the top rivalry in the game today.

Whether it's smack talk between Bart Scott and Hines Ward (a few years back), or a little pregame battle between fans in the parking lot, there will always be hype, and then a great smackdown to back up all that talk.

Despite Pittsburgh leading the overall series, Baltimore has the upper hand in the rivalry this year, especially when you consider the Steelers will be without their star quarterback for the first game between the two.

Both teams are so much alike.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh both pride themselves on the defensive side of the ball and now, thanks to two young guns under center, have switched their offenses to focus more on passing.

No matter what, these two teams bring their A-games whenever they face each other.
That's all there is to it.

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