Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bengals, Terrell Owens Agree on 1-year, $2 million Deal

Yes, you heard correctly. The Cincinnati Bengals and the former 49ers/Eagles/Cowboys/Bills wide receiver, reality TV star and full-time diva Terrell Owens agreed on a contract earlier today.

This not only means that Carson Palmer will get to put up with Chad Ochocinco's drama, but he obviously now has to put up T.O.'s as well. Oh so much fun.

Over the past several months it has become very obvious that the two are close friends, and both have back-to-back reality television shows on VH1. Personally, I thought this deal was almost inevitable. Ochocinco seems to have quite a bit of things to say within the organization, and the front office must have heard his plea to sign the 36-year old, despite his diminishing speed.
When you mix all that in with the fact that the Bengals are lacking depth in the receiving position, it seems as though this was the right move. Although at the same time I really don't see this working out. Owens' reputation remains the same as it has his entire NFL career, and may not ever change.

This surely will be a sight to see this season. If it doesn't work out, I am almost positive that this will be the end of the line for Terrell's Hall of Fame-worthy career.

Getcha popcorn ready!

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