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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog Remodeling Update: Changes and Improvements for 2012 Season!

BLOG UPDATE (please read):

Okay, so I've been making a couple of additions to the blog as of recently. I have just now discovered the cool feature that allows you to add pages to your site, which I was unaware of before now.

So off-season I will be adding a few tabs to the top (you can see that I've already added a couple).

If you notice at the very top of the page, below the title and description, there are tabs that say "home," "off-season," "standings," "fantasy" and "game simulations." Well, those are a couple of tabs I have been working on so far. If you click on them it will take you to another page. Obviously to return to my posts you simply just click on the Home tab.

It's a pretty cool feature and will make it feel as though I actually have a website, and not just a blogspot address.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be editing these further, and likely adding a few more to the mix. Also, as you can tell, I've been posting a little more often––five posts in the last week. I hope to continue my frequent posting.

Normally during the offseason I would wait until a big story comes up and then write a decent-length article about it. But I've decided I would like to post several times a week and maybe make the posts a little shorter in length. This way I get the feeling that readers will be more likely to read the entire post and wont get bored with it. People these days seem to have short attention spans (I would know, because I don't particularly enjoy reading extremely lengthy articles on the internet).

Notice I did two posts on who I believe will come out on top of their respective division this season (Panthers, Texans features so far). I will continue to do this over the next week or two until all eight divisions are completed, so keep with me here, and check back often.

If you are a regular reader and do not "follow" the blog on, please do so now! It makes me feel like I actually have regular followers who check back often, and am not just talking to myself. Because, you know, that would make me feel a little crazy. And lets face it, I already have enough things in life that make me feel like I'm a little crazy.

If you are like me and are antsy for football to return, I suggest you search "NFL" on and watch some of the shows/"Game of the Week" segments they have on there. It's been helping me get through the boring, football-free days. Once I start watching too much baseball, that's when I get my computer out and go to Hulu.

Okay, well I can't really think of anything else to rant (talk to myself) about, so I'm going to end this post with a photo that will hopefully make you laugh (out yourself...).


Ben Heck
All-Out Blitz

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