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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Redskins Unleash Anniversary Uniforms

This season will be the 80th year of existence for the Washington Redskins, coming to existence back in 1932. So in celebration the Skins have decided to bring back the leather helmets from the Sammy Baugh era.

Well, okay, so maybe they wont actually be wearing leather helmets, but the team's new alternate uniforms for the upcoming regular season includes a helmet painted to look as if it's made of leather.

Two days ago outside linebackers Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo donned the new uniforms following the release and I gotta say, they look an awful lot like the Florida State Seminoles' unis. Take a look below:
Nike turned an old design and modernized it, allowing the Skins to celebrate 80 years of existence but still benefit from the modern equipment in today's game. The material is slick while the jerseys are thin and not bulky.

I thought that Nike overdid the NFL's newest uniforms for this season with too much design, but luckily they kept these alternate uniforms nice and simple.

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