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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daughter of Former NFL Running Back Making Headlines

This weekend the Lingerie Football League (LFL) semifinals takes place as the four best teams from each of the six-team conference–Eastern and Western–fought for a spot in the Lingerie Bowl next weekend in Vegas.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, the LFL really does exist. This was the first time I had ever tried watching it, which aired on MTV2 at 4 P.M. and 5:30 P.M. eastern time. And let me just say, these women are for real. And not so nice on their opponents, as they take this game very serious.

I currently stand at about 5'8'' or 5'9'' and 140 pounds. These women? Well, lets just say that it's likely that over half of them are at least that big, if not bigger, and are all muscle. Scary stuff.

But anyways, the Eastern Conference final featured the Tampa Bay Breeze (3-1) and Philadelphia Passion (4-0), as Philadelphia improved to 5-0 and a trip to Vegas next Sunday with a victory.
The reason I bothered posting a short write-up of the LFL semifinals is actually because one of Tampa Bay's players caught my attention. It was OL/LB Courtney Wilder, the daughter of former NFL running back James Wilder. Wilder (father) was a second round (34th overall) pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1981 NFL draft.

Wilder ran for 6,008 yards and 37 touchdowns in 10 pro seasons with the Bucs, Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins. In his playing days he stood at 6'3'' and 225 pounds. Wilder, the daughter, has been a standout on her Tampa Bay team this season and boasts a muscle-filled frame of 5'9''/160 pounds.

In four games this LFL season, Wilder has run the ball just six times for 80 yards on offense, but scored three of those six times. She's been a huge threat on defense as well, making 14 tackles (4 for losses), two sacks and recovered two fumbles for the one-loss Breeze.

But the most important factor in her game, much like her father, is the fear she strikes in her opponents. I know one thing, I would never want to line up against her and I'm a male who used to play. She is one scary female athlete.

Although today's performance was in a losing effort, 44-32, Wilder was a huge factor in the game and while watching the matchup unfold it was brought to my attention that Wilder had been playing on a torn meniscus in her right leg. Doctors cleared her to play, but she was obviously playing through a lot of pain.
Now if that isn't a clear sign that she was built to be a football player, then I don't know what is. She's built strong, and tough; true footballer in my opinion.

Football clearly runs in the Wilder family, because her brother James Wilder Jr. plays the game as well. He just finished his freshman year as a RB at Florida State University. In high school, Wilder Jr. was very versatile as a RB/DE/OLB and a top recruit following graduation.

Good luck to both Wilder kids in their future, I'm sure James Sr. is proud of them both.

Game No. 2, the Western Conference final, kicks off shortly with Los Angeles Temptation and Las Vegas Sin facing off for a chance to play Philadelphia in the Lingerie Bowl next Sunday. Tune in to MTV2 (5:30 PM ET) if you need some entertainment for an hour and a half.

Note: Former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien's daughter, Angela, is in the LFL as well. She quarterbacked the Seattle Mist to a 2-2 record this season, going 10/32, 110 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT in four games.

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Wilder Sr.: found on
Courtney Wilder: borrowed from Tampa Bay Breeze's team site

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