Monday, January 31, 2011

Video of the Day (1/31/11): Danny Woodhead "Attempts" to Sell his own Jersey at Modell's

This video is a month or two old, so many of you may have already seen this video. But for those that haven't, it's New England Patriots' running back working at a local Modell's Sporting Goods store sporting a name tag with "Dan" written on it and helping fans with their needs and wants.

Of all the customers he talked to in the New England-area store, only one woman came close to picking Woodhead out as the Pats' sudden star, but he was easily able to convince her otherwise.

Woodhead put it perfectly when he referred to one fan as "putting salt in the wound" after being turned down because Woodhead is "too small" for him.

Ouch, sorry Danny.

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