Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tweet of the Day: Thurman Thomas

Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas brought up a great point on his twitter account. With the preseason starting tonight, the former Buffalo Bill and Miami Dolphin pointed out that Darrelle Revis, Jets' shutdown corner, is still holding out of camp while all 32 of the draft's first round picks are signed and in their respective camps.

His exact  words:

"All these kids have signed their contracts and REVIS HAS TO HOLDOUT... JETS STINK"
Personally, I completely agree with Thomas. I hate seeing guys holdout, let alone 25 year olds that have played just three NFL seasons like Revis. For this reason, I am very glad all the first rounders have signed contracts and aren't holding out.

I'm sure New York would love to have Revis in camp, but it doesn't seem as though they are too worried about it at the current moment.

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