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Monday, May 10, 2010

Adam Jones signing 'Last Straw' in Marvin Lewis era

The most recent news out of Cincinnati is yet another signing of a troubled player.

Though Adam (formerly nicknamed "Pacman") Jones has showed he has the talent to make it in the NFL, he is not the ideal player and role model to lead your team.  Yet, for some strange reason, the Cincinnati Bengals front office made the decision to bring him in to boost the team's secondary and return game.

Not only did they sign the former No. 1 pick to a contract, but they in fact gave him a two-year deal.  Not a one-year, one-mistake-and-your-gone deal, but they showed they are confident and gave him two entire seasons.
 Jones, now with his third NFL team, was a trouble-maker before he even suited up in the league with his first arrest coming in July of 2005.  Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 season and part of the 2008 season.  Jones was not signed after he finished his one and only season with Dallas in 2008, meaning he sat out the 2009 season as well since no one was interested in signing a trouble-maker such as himself.

Cincinnati's signing of Jones has ticked off head coach Marvin Lewis, once again, for bringing in guys with a questionable past.  In effect, this leads me to believe this could be the final year at the helm for Lewis.  No way Cincinnati will beat out the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens for the division title in 2010, and if Lewis isn't fired by season's end, I believe he will resign as coach.

The signing of Jones is the last straw of the Marvin Lewis era and may very well be Adam's last chance to put on an NFL uniform.

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