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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Special Tribute to...

When bored, sometimes I resort to hulu or youtube for entertainment.  So as I was watching a couple of youtube videos I came across some Brian Dawkins highlights.  Watching several B-Dawk videos has really made me miss his good ole days as a Philadelphia Eagles.

As a huge NFL fan, you got to admit that the early 2000s were enjoyable to watch with Brian Dawkins running around the field leading the Eagles to victory after victory.

The saying "you never really know what you have til it's gone" is certainly true in this case.  It doesn't matter what your is, everyone has to admit the Dawkins/McNabb/Westbrook days in Philly were great entertainment.  Dawkins is the definition of an NFL player, not to mention a fantastic motivator.  He even has one of the best nicknames in the game: Wolverine (he also goes by B-Dawk and Weapon-X).
At age 36, Dawkins' best days are behind certainly behind him.  But, that shouldn't stop him from running all over Invesco Field at Mile High making spectacular tackles and giving great pre-game speeches to his Denver teammates.  In his prime, the 8-time Pro Bowler was easily making 50-60 tackles a season and countless more highlight reels.

Here are some links to a few highlight/pump-up videos of his:

McNabb and Westbrook, as of this off-season, are gone as well.  Head coach Andy Reid is going completely fresh: new QB (Kevin Kolb), fresh legs in the backfield (second-year running back LeSean McCoy) and a couple of less experienced safeties in the defensive backfield.  Could this new look bring similar results?

R.I.P. Eagles teams from c. early 2000s

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